How to Reset Door Combo Codes on a Ford Expedition

by Rex Molder
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The Securicode Keyless Entry System is an option available for late-model Ford Expedition SUVs. The system's interface is a five-digit linear keypad, with each key representing two numbers, located just below the door handles on the driver's door and rear door. Owners can either use the preset factory code included in their owner's manual, or they can change it to a more secure, custom code.

Step 1

Enter either the preset factory code or the the current user code.

Step 2

Press the "1-2" button. You must do this within five seconds of entering the current code. The door will lock and then unlock to alert you that the system is ready for programming.

Step 3

Enter the new five-digit code. You can't wait more than five seconds between entries, or the process will be aborted.

Step 4

Press the "1-2" key to store the code for driver one. The door will lock and unlock to let you know you entered the code successfully. The system can have a total of three drivers. To set the code for driver two, you would press the "3-4" key, and for driver three you would press the "5-6" key.

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