How to Adjust Ford Escape Lock Settings

by Robert Moore

There are several lock features you can change on your 2014 Ford Escape. You can enable and disable auto-lock or auto-unlock, as well as change the personal entry code. You don't need anything special to change your auto-lock and auto-unlock settings. To set a personalized code, you'll need the manufacturer set entry code that is printed on the wallet card included in your owner's manual. If you can't locate the card, you can visit your local dealer to obtain the code.

Auto-lock and Auto-unlock

Step 1

Enter the Escape and shut the door. Switch on the ignition. Press the door unlock button three times, then turn the ignition off.

Step 2

Press the unlock button an additional three times, then switch on the ignition. Listing for the horn to chirp indicating you've entered programming mode.

To change the auto-lock feature, press the unlock button then the lock button and listen for the horn to chirp. You'll hear a single chirp if auto-lock is disabled, or two chirps if auto-lock is enabled. To change the auto-unlock feature, press the lock button, then the unlock button. You'll hear one chirp if it is disabled or two chirps if it is enabled. Switch off the ignition to finish programming.

Personalize Entry Code

Step 1

Touch the panel to illuminate the keyless entry pad. Enter the manufacturer-set code, then press the "1-2" button within five seconds.

Step 2

Enter a five-digit code of your liking, then press the "1-2" button to store the code as personal code No. 1. To program another code, repeat the previous steps and press the "3-4" button to store as personal code No. 2, "5-6" for personal code No. 3, "7-8" for personal code No. 4 or "9-0" for personal code No. 5.

To erase all codes, enter the manufacturer-set code, then press the "1-2" button within five seconds. Press and hold the 1-2 Button for a minimum of two seconds to confirm you want to erase all codes. The manufacturer-set code cannot be changed or erased.

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