Instructions for a Chrysler Garage Door Opener

by Matthew Fortuna
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Like over a dozen other car manufacturers, Chrysler vehicles are fitted with optional HomeLink garage door systems. These openers, similar to the brand-name remotes that come with your garage door, can be programmed and reprogrammed in just minutes from your garage. Programming your onboard system requires only your remote control. Chrysler remotes can be set to nearly all brands of motor and can operate your door from as far as a couple hundred feet away.

Step 1

Turn your Chrysler vehicle off and press and hold the two outside buttons on your onboard opener system. Release the buttons once the red indicator light begins flashing. This will erase any previous codes programmed to your system.

Step 2

Hold your garage door opener remote two inches away from the onboard system.

Step 3

Press and hold the button you wish to program on your onboard system and the open button on your remote simultaneously. Release the buttons once the indicator light on the onboard system begins flashing.

Step 4

Press the training button on your Chrysler's system until the light glows solid. If it does not glow solid, continue to the following steps.

Step 5

Press the "learn" button on your garage door remote, located near the antenna wire on the back or side of the system, and return to your vehicle.

Step 6

Press the training button on your on board system, hold it for two seconds and release. Repeat the press/hold/release step two more times and your remote will be programmed and ready for use.

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