How to Disconnect a Dodge RAM Alarm System Amp

by Matthew Fortuna
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Alarm systems have become common features on cars all around the world, and provide extra security for your vehicle. These systems can be equipped on your Dodge RAM and feature a simple module with an alarm amp to emit the beeping and horn sounds that alert you. You can disconnect this system from inside your truck in just minutes with no professional experience or equipment.

Step 1

Enter your truck and use a flat head screwdriver to remove the dashboard panels around the module system. The system is located just underneath the steering column and the ignition cylinder.

Step 2

Locate the wire from the system that is connected to the positive battery terminal.

Step 3

Disconnect this wire from the amp's end to stop the alarm system from sounding out loud.

Step 4

Replace the dashboard panels by popping them back into place to complete the process.

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