How to Reset a Chapman Car Alarm

by Matthew Fortuna
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You can program your Chapman system for your car and use the system to engage your ignition from as far as a few hundred feet away. If your system loses the programming, you can reset the remotes to the system in just a few minutes from the car's driver's seat.

Step 1

Set off the car's alarm by pulling on the locked handle and then enter the car with your ignition key.

Step 2

Locate the alarm system underneath your dashboard on the driver's side. You can do this by popping off the dash panels and exposing the system around the ignition cylinder.

Step 3

Turn on your car using the ignition key and press and hold the red toggle switch button on the alarm system.

Step 4

Wait for the alarm to turn off and the system to emit a chirping sound. The LED light on the system will also switch on to indicate that the alarm is reset and the system is active.

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