How to Program a GM Universal Home Remote System

by Chris Waller
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Some General Motors vehicles come installed with a GM Universal Home Remote System, which allows you to program devices like garage-door openers into the system to be controlled by drivers or passengers in your vehicle. If you have a garage-door opener in your home and the GM Universal Home Remote System in your car or truck, you can easily program the two to work together for your convenience. You will need to be able to access your garage-door opener and the buttons on your Home Remote System at the same time for the process to work.

Step 1

Park your vehicle outside of the garage door that you are planning on programming. Open the garage door from the inside or using the original remote that came with the garage-door opener.

Step 2

Set up a ladder inside of your garage that will gain access to the garage-door opener. Before beginning the programming process for your GM Universal Home Remote System, you will need to locate the "Learn" or "Smart" button that is found near the antenna wire on your opener. Do not press the button yet, just make note of its location.

Step 3

Clear a path from your vehicle to the garage ladder. Once you begin the programing process you will only have 30 seconds to complete each step or you will need to start over. If you are concerned about being able to get from the car to the garage-door opener in that time, get someone to help you with the procedure.

Step 4

Get inside of your vehicle and press and hold the two outside buttons of your Universal Home Remote System for one to two seconds, then let go of both.

Step 5

Go back to the garage to your door opener and push the "Learn" or "Smart" button that you located earlier. Once you press this, you must complete the next step within 30 seconds. Quickly and safely return to the vehicle, or signal a helper to complete the next step.

Step 6

Inside the vehicle, hold down the button on the Universal Home Remote System that you want to program to your garage door. Keep it held down until the garage door begins to close. As soon as this happens, release the button. The light above the button you were pressing will blink repeatedly.

Step 7

When the indicator light stops blinking, press the button again. Your garage door should respond by opening and closing when you press the button.

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