How to Unlock a '95 Cadillac DeVille Trunk With No Keys

by Zyon Silket

The1995 Cadillack DeVille's trunk contains an emergency unlock pull string connected to the inside lock clasp. If you do not have the key for your 1995 Cadillac Deville, you can access the trunk by removing the upper rear portion of the backseat and unlocking the trunk from the inside. This feature prevents the need to use a "jimmy" or drill the lock to gain access to your trunk.

Step 1

Pull on the back portion of the rear seat with your hands to pop it free from the internal metal framing of the vehicle. The seat attaches to the framing with plastic retaining clips that Cadillac has pressed into holes in the frame. Pulling on the seat releases the retaining clips from the holes and allows you to remove the upper portion of the rear seat from the vehicle.

Step 2

Push down on the rear portion of the seat so it rests on top of the lower portion of the seat. This position prevents the need to remove the lower portion of the seat to remove the rear portion completely.

Step 3

Stretch your arm through one of the holes in the framing, and grasp the release rope for the trunk lock. The top has a plastic handle to help you locate it.

Step 4

Pull on the rope to pop the lock open.

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