How to Remove Rear Seats in the Honda Cars

by Contributing WriterUpdated June 12, 2017

The Honda car is Honda car mid-sized model, coming both in coupe and sedan formats. Over the years, it has gotten progressively larger in size. Although the Honda car is still selling today, many people prefer to buy used Honda car to save money, while still getting all of the reliability of the vehicle. With age, of course, comes deterioration. Seats are the most common item to deteriorate in the Honda car because they are always being sat in. If you need to replace or fix the rear seat in your Honda car you'll have to remove it first.

Under The Hood:

 How to Remove Rear Seats in the CR-V

Move the driver and front passenger seats as far forward as possible. This is optional, but you may need the extra room while working on the back seat.

Locate all the retaining bolts attaching the rear seat to the CR-V's floor. They will not be covered by trim.

Tilt the rear seat forward and remove the retaining bolts with a socket wrench.

Slowly pull the rear seat up and off of where it was mounted. Pull the seat forward, and then exit the CR-V. Pull the seat out of the car. Ask a friend to help get the seat out of the car.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Socket set

 How to Remove the Rear Seats in a Honda Odyssey

Pull up on the seat-back adjustment lever on the side of each seat. Fold each seat-back all the way forward.

Pull the lock release lever under each seat cushion to unlock the seats from the floor. The lever is located under the front edge of the seat.

Lift the rear of the seats to disengage them from the floor locks.

Pull back on the front of the seats to unhook them from the floor. Pivot the seats upward to completely disconnect them from the floor.

Pull the seats out of the vehicle through the side door.

 How to Remove the Rear Seat from a Civic

Locate the two levers at the base of the seat cushion on the passenger side of the Honda Civic. Pull out on the two levers to detach the seat cushion from the floor pan.

Locate the 12-millimeter (mm) bolt secured between the foam for the passenger side cushion and the foam for the middle seat cushion. Use a 12 mm socket, a six-inch extension bar and a ratchet to remove the bolt.

Lift the cushion up and out of the Civic.

Locate the bar that runs across the bottom of the backrest. Now that you have the seat cushion out of the Civic, you can see the bar. Remove the three bolts that secure the seat back to the bar with a 12 mm socket and ratchet, and pull the seat back out of the Civic.

Items you will need

  • Ratchet

  • Six-inch extension bar for ratchet

  • 12-millimeter socket

 How to Remove the Rear Seat from a Honda Civic Hatchback

Open the rear hatch on the Civic by pulling the release lever located to the left of the driver's seat on the floor (next to the gas filler door release).

Remove the mounting bolts that hold the Civic's rear seat in place. The mounting bolts are located at the base of the seat in each corner of the seat and in the center of the seat. The bolts are bolted to the chassis of the car.

Pull the seat up to separate it from the floor.

Pull the rear seat out of the back of the hatchback. You may need a friend to help you remove the seat as it is a bit awkward and heavy to do yourself.

Items you will need

  • Socket wrench

  • Socket set

 How to Remove the Rear Seat in a Honda Accord

Fold the rear seat down in the Accord by pulling the back of the seat forward, and folding it down on top of the seat. Some year models of the Accord may have a latch that you need to pull to release the rear seat back.

Pry up the plastic rivets holding the carpet to the bottom of the seat with a trim removal tool.

Remove the two bolts on each side of the rear seat where the seat folds down. These four bolts hold the seat back frame in place.

Remove the center bolt holding the back of the seat bottom down.

Pull up on the back of the seat bottom, and negotiate the two hooks in the front of the seat bottom free to remove the rear seat assembly.

Items you will need

  • Honda trim removal tool

  • Socket wrench with socket set

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