How Do I Sleep in the Cargo Area of a Toyota Highlander?

by Kenneth Coppens

The Toyota Highlander is a spacious SUV with a large cargo compartment in the back. The cargo area is large to begin with, but when the back seats are folded down, the area gets even larger. In fact, Highlanders are so spacious that two average-sized people can comfortably sleep in the back of one. This feature makes it the perfect vehicle for camping or even a long road trip.

Step 1

Remove luggage or any other items from the back seat of the Highlander. The items can be put back in the vehicle after the seats are folded down.

Step 2

Locate the middle seat-belt buckle in the back seat of the Highlander. Push the buckle all the way through the hole in the seat. The strap to the buckle may get in the way of folding the seats.

Step 3

Put down the headrests on the back seat to minimize the amount of space they take up.

Step 4

Locate the seat-back levers on the top of the seat. The levers are located on each end, directly beside the headrests. Pull the levers up and fold the seats forward. The backs of the seats should now be level with the cargo floor in the back of the Highlander.

Step 5

Lay down blankets and pillows on the flat surface to provide sufficient comfort.

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