How to Fold Ext. Cab Seats in a Silverado

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The rear seats in a Chevrolet Silverado can be folded up to allow more cargo space in the extended cab compartment. On 2007 and newer models, you can also fold the seat-back down, once you have folded the seat cushion up. It's helpful to have an assistant when folding the seats, however, you can do it alone by simultaneously pushing the seat and pulling the strap.

Step 1

Apply pressure on the seat cushion by pushing down. With the seat pushed down, pull the nylon strap out.

Step 2

Push up on the seat cushion to raise it against the the seat-back. Pull the cushion to make sure it's locked. If not, push it toward the seat-back until you hear it latch.

Step 3

Pull the strap behind the rear seat headrests. Push the seat-back down to fold the seat (2007 and newer models).

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