How to Remove the Back Seat From an Infiniti I30

by Alejandro Leopardi

There may come a time when you will need more room in your Infiniti I30. It could be for extra storage in the trunk, or to lay something flat that's too long to fit in the back seat or the trunk. Whatever the reason, removing the back seat of an Infiniti I30 is a fairly easy task requiring no tools. You can create extra room in the back seat of your Infiniti in no time.

Step 1

Open the trunk and both rear doors of the Infiniti. Hold the seat bottom away from the back of the seat and lift directly up. It should unlatch itself fairly easily. Repeat for the other seat bottom.

Step 2

Undo the bolts and hooks that are holding the seat back in place at the bottom of the seat back. If you do not find the bolts and hooks, you may have to access them through the trunk. Repeat on the other seat back.

Step 3

Lift the seat back up and forward to remove it. Lift the seat out of the Infiniti. Repeat for the other seat back.

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