Pontiac G6 Back Seat Removal Instructions

by Nathaniel Miller
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The Pontiac G6 is a sporty sedan that comes in convertible, coupe, and four-door sedan trim. It blends style, performance and comfort, while being affordable. The G6 is packed with bonus features as well, including a fold down rear seat. In order to reupholster the rear seat or simply fit more cargo into the car, you may want to remove the rear seat completely. This is a fairly simple process and most G6 owners can do this in their own garage in a matter of minutes.


When performing any type of repair or modification on your vehicle, it is imperative to follow proper safety techniques. The car must be secure and safe from potential startups or short circuits, as these could cause the airbags to deploy. Park the car in the garage or an open area and set the parking brake. Pop the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery terminal. Reach under both seats and move the seats as far forward as possible, to give as much access to the rear seat.

Begin Disassembly

Disconnect the shoulder strap belts from the belt buckles on the rear seat. There should be at least two buckles to remove. Allow the belts to slide up into position in the rear dash of the G6. Reach down toward the rear of the portion of the seat that is actually sat on and locate two leather pull tabs. Pull directly upward on the two tabs to pull the rear of the seat bottom out of its connections. Tilt the seat bottom toward the front of the car, disconnect the front facing connections and then slide the seat bottom out of the passenger side door.

Complete Disassembly

Pop the trunk and reach inside near the top rear of the trunk space to locate two levers. These levers release the top of the rear seat sections so that the seat can fold down. Pull on and release both levers, but do not completely fold the seat backs down. Return to the front cockpit of the car and use a socket wrench to remove the bolts holding the seat frame in place (now visible because you removed the seat bottom). Once the bolts are removed, lift up and forward on the seat frame to disconnect the seat from the car frame. Have a friend help you slide the remainder of the seat out of the passenger side door.

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