How to Remove the Rear Seat in a Toyota Corolla 1996

by Katebo
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Toyota introduced the Corolla in 1966 as a compact, moderately priced vehicle. You may need to remove the rear seat on your '96 Toyota Corolla in order to access the rear struts, or perhaps you need to replace the carpet or upholstery. Whatever the reason, you can complete this job in about a half hour's time using a couple of tools that can be purchased from an auto parts or hardware store.

Step 1

Pull the front seats all the way forward, and open the rear doors.

Step 2

Put a screwdriver under the rear seat cushion and pull up on it to undo the fasteners that release the seat cushion.

Step 3

Push the seat belts through the cushions and remove the cushions from the vehicle.

Step 4

Locate three bolts near the rear seat back and remove them with a socket wrench.

Step 5

Pull up on the seat back and remove it from the vehicle.

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