How to Remove a Nissan Versa's Rear Seat

by David Young
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The Versa is a four-door subcompact available in hatchback or sedan, with several trim and engine combinations. Whether it's to perform an upholstery repair or for extra luggage space, you may find it necessary to remove the rear seat from your Nissan Versa. Removing the seat only requires some basic tools. Once you've removed the seat, you can repair it or store it for later repair.

Step 1

Pull up firmly on the seat cushion and remove the cushion from the two hooks located under the front edge of the seat. Remove the rear seat cushion from the vehicle.

Step 2

Use a socket wrench to remove the bolt from the center seat belt anchor. Remove the seat belt.

Step 3

Remove the four mounting bolts from the right rear seat-back bracket. Remove the two bolts from the left rear seat-back bracket. Remove the seat-back from the vehicle.

Step 4

Use the trim removal tool to release the clips behind the inner rear kick-plate and remove the kick-plate. Remove the bolt under the side of the seat-back, pull up on the seat-back and remove it from the car.

Step 5

Remove the bolts from the center and side seat-back brackets and remove the brackets. Use a trim removal tool to remove the plastic rear seat-back finisher. Remove the striker bolts and remove the strikers from both sides of the luggage compartment.

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