How to Remove the Starter From a 2002 Mercury Sable

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski
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The starter is an electrical motor that provides a jolt of energy to ignite sparks needed to crank an engine. Before electrical starter motors, drivers had to turn a hand-operated crank to start a vehicle. The starter motor is controlled by a vehicle's ignition; it turns on when the key is used. The 2002 Mercury Sable starter can only be accessed from underneath the vehicle.

Step 1

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Use the pliers to disconnect the negative battery cable. The starter is an electrical component, and the negative battery cable must be removed prior to working with electrical components.

Step 2

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Let the vehicle cool down for 30 minutes prior to working underneath it. Remove the 10 bolts underneath the front of the vehicle to remove the splash guard. There are five bolts in the front, three in the center and two on each side.

Step 3

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Remove the electrical connectors attached to the starter motor. They are connected by tabs and can be easily removed with your hands.

Step 4

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Use the socket wrench to remove the bolts that keep the starter motor mounted. The starter motor will slip right off. Keep the bolts in a safe place; you may need to reuse them when installing a new starter.

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