How to Change the Cabin Filter on a Ford F-350

by Nathan McGinty
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The F-350 is a heavy-duty pickup truck from one of America's oldest car manufacturers, Ford. Late-model Ford F-350s feature a cabin filter for the air circulation system. These filters work to clean dust and other allergens from the passenger cabin. If you notice that your F-350's air conditioner isn't working as well as before, it's probably time to change the cabin filter.

Step 1

Open the passenger side door.

Step 2

Look underneath the glove box. You should see a small rectangle, about 3 inches on each side, held in place with Phillips screws. Remove these with the screwdriver and set them aside.

Step 3

Pull the old cabin filter out by the tab in the center.

Step 4

Remove the new filter from its packaging and slide it into the retaining clips. Make sure the access tab is facing downward for easy access.

Replace the cabin air filter cover. Secure in place with the screws.

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