Rear Seat Removal for Toyota Corolla

by Angelo Elia

The Toyota Corolla is a fuel-efficient and affordable compact car that is known for its Japanese engineering. When the rear struts are to be removed and replaced, the only way to gain access to them is by removing the Corolla's rear seat. Once the rear seat is removed, the back portion of the interior's metal body will be revealed. The rear seat can easily be removed from the Toyota Corolla, and you will need only a few tools to do the job.

Step 1

Park the Corolla on level ground. Open the rear doors.

Step 2

Place a screwdriver between the bottom of the rear seat cushions and the body. Pry the screwdriver up to unclip the fasteners found on each side of the rear seat.

Step 3

Push the seat belt latches down through the seat cushions and pull out the cushions.

Step 4

Remove the three bolts found at the back of the Corolla's rear seat by turning them counterclockwise with a socket wrench.

Step 5

Pull up the back portion of the rear seat and move it around the seat belts. Remove the rear seat from the Corolla.

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