How to Remove the Rear Seat of a Ford F150 Extended Cab

by Melissa Kelly
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A Ford F150 Extended Cab contains a bench seat in the back that can be used for extra passengers or storage. It also provides space to store small items securely instead of placing things in the bed of the truck. Removing the back seat of a Ford F150 Extended Cab truck is a relatively quick task and requires only a few basic tools. The truck's seat is often removed for repairs or upgrades to the truck's stereo system or to install accessories.

Step 1

Position the rear seat so that it is flipped up and all the way forward, which will enable access to the mounting bolts.

Step 2

Remove all ten of the seat to floor mounting bolts.

Step 3

Flip the seat back to the locked position and detach it from the brackets.

Step 4

Lift the seat up and out of the vehicle.

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