How to Remove Back Seats in a Toyota Celica

by Christian Killian

Removing the rear seat from your Toyota Celica may be necessary for some repair work. If you need to change the carpet or if the seat itself needs some repair. The seat comes out in one piece so it will make the job easier to have a second set of hands available when you are ready to remove the seat from the car. If you are replacing the seat, you may find a good replacement seat through a salvage yard or source a new one through the dealer.

Step 1

Open the door, lean the front seat forward and get into the rear of the car. Lift the seat cushions under the front, center of the seat to remove the lower cushion from the latches.

Step 2

Lean the seat backs forward and locate the mounting bracket in the center of the seat at the floor. Three bolts secure it. Remove the three bolts with a socket and ratchet then set them aside.

Step 3

Move to the outer edge of the seat where it meets the sidewall of the car. Locate the mounting bracket there and remove the bolt with a socket and ratchet. Repeat this on the opposite side of the car. Set the bolts aside in a safe spot.

Step 4

Lift the rear seat cushions up and slide the seat out of the door opening. Have someone help you get the seat out so you do not damage the seat or the car’s interior if possible.

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