How to Remove Commodore Seats

by Ryan Bauer

Removing your Holden Commodore's seats is a relatively straightforward task. After a few bolts have been taken out, the seats can be removed through the doors. The process varies from the front seats to the back ones, so this guide will assume you are planning on removing all of the seats in the car. If not, simply skip the steps that aren't relevant to you.

Step 1

Slide the front seats all the way back. Remove the plastic caps on the front of the tracks to gain access to the mounting bolts. Loosen each bolt with a socket wrench and pull it out of the hole. Slide the seats forward and remove the bolts from the back of the track.

Step 2

Reach under the seat and unplug any cables connected to the bottom. Depending on your Commodore's year and features, there may be electrical connections for functions such as motorized seat movement. The front seats can now be safely removed.

Step 3

Pivot the bottom of the rear seat forward, as if you were going to lay the seats down flat. With a socket wrench, remove the bolt on each side of the hinge and pull the bottom part of the seat out of the car. Take out the remaining two bolts that hold the top half of the seat in place and remove it as well.

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