How to Remove an Eclipse Rear Seat

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Many Eclipse owners remove their rear seats to provide extra storage or space for car audio equipment. This is commonly referred to as a "rear seat delete." Whatever your reason, the process of removing the rear seat is the same. The rear seat in your Eclipse consists of two parts: the cushion and the seatback. You should be able to remove your seat in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1

Push the center seat belt buckles down into the seat. This allows you to remove the rear seat cushion without the buckles hanging.

Step 2

Remove the rear seat cushion. The cushion is attached by two clips. Pull the two straps located at the bottom portion of the seat cushion to disengage the clips. The seat cushion will come out with ease.

Step 3

Remove the mounting bolts from along the seatback bottom. There are three bolts: one on each side and one in the middle. Use a socket wrench to remove them. Keep the bolts and washers in a safe place for reinstallation.

Step 4

Open your rear hatch and pull the seatbacks out from the back. There is not sufficient space to safely pull the seatbacks out through the side doors. Ask someone for help if you have difficulty lifting the seatbacks.

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