How to Remove the Back Seat in a Saturn Vue

by William Nagel
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The Saturn Vue is a midsized sport utility vehicle that allows you to sacrifice third-row seating for cargo space, making it possible to carry more in your SUV. If you need additional space in your Vue, you can fold down the rear seat and remove it from the vehicle. The rear seat in the Vue is heavy, so be careful when removing it from the vehicle; do not lift more than you can carry.

Step 1

Unbuckle the safety belts and secure them near the sides of the vehicle. Folding the rear seat while the safety belts are attached can damage the belts and reduce their effectiveness.

Step 2

Locate the seat folding lever on the back or the top of the rear seat. Pull the lever to release the seat back and fold it forward toward the front of the car until the lever clicks into place.

Step 3

Locate the release latch on the bottom of the rear seat. Pull the release latch to detach the bottom of the seat from the floor of the car. Lift the rear of the seat up out of its slots.

Step 4

Pull the seat toward the back of the car to disengage the hooks connecting the front of the seat to the floor of the car. Remove the seat from the car and set it aside.

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