How to Convert a Toyota Sienna From a 7 to an 8 Passenger

by Michele R. Lamb

Toyota's automotive lineup includes the Sienna, a seven-passenger minivan available in five trim levels. A highlight of the vehicle is two captain's chairs in the second row. These chairs recline, and have dual adjustable armrests, map lights and climate controls. Yet the second row also incorporates another feature, an eighth seat that can be installed between the captain's chairs to create a bench seat that can fit three passengers.

Step 1

Unbuckle the safety belt in the driver's side rear cargo area storage compartment. Pull the folded seat out of the compartment without unfolding the seat.

Step 2

Pull the handle on the underside of the seat cushion and pull out the small section of the seat as far as it will go.

Step 3

Place the seat, with its bottom facing down, in the center of the second row between the two captain's chairs, and snap it into place. Lift the seat back into the upright position until it clicks.

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