How to Reset a BMW Service Indicator

by Jody L. Campbell

The BMW has incorporated a service indicator light as a maintenance schedule reminder for many years. It's the best kept secret of BMW to have this light reset by the dealership only in order to maintain customer loyalty on routine oil changes and other simple maintenance procedures. If you prefer to perform your own oil changes, you can reset the indicator light yourself. Depending on what series model you have, the procedure might alter slightly and for older and vintage BMWs, there's a tool required.

Step 1

Sit inside the BMW, close the door and buckle the seat belt.

Step 2

Hold down on the odometer reset button with your left hand. While continuing to hold it down, place the keys into the ignition and turn once to the accessory position.

Step 3

Continue holding the odometer reset button until the indicator light starts to flash and after a few seconds the word "Reset" will display.

Step 4

Release the odometer reset button. Then press and hold it once again.

Step 5

Release the odometer reset button again and five green LED lights will illuminate indicating the system has been reset.

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