How to Fold the Seats Down in a Nissan Quest

by Laurel Storm

If you own a Nissan Quest minivan and need to transport bulky cargo, you may find yourself in need of more space. The second and third row seats of the Nissan Quest fold down into the floor, increasing the amount of space in the cargo area of the minivan. The seats, especially the third-row bucket seat, are quite heavy. Be careful when folding and unfolding and keep your hands and body clear of the floor openings.

Folding the Second Row Seats

Step 1

Lift the recliner lever up to fold the back of the seat forward onto the base of the seat.

Step 2

Press down on the small knob on the back of the seat to release the seat base.

Push the entire seat forward to fold it into its stowed position on the floor.

Folding the Third Row Bucket Seat

Step 1

Disconnect the center seat belt and tongue and secure them into the retractor base.

Step 2

Pull the strap on the back of the seat to allow the three head restraints to fold forward.

Step 3

Pull further back on the pull strap to release the back of the seat. Rotate the back of the seat towards the back of the vehicle.

Step 4

Pull up on the lever found on the back of the base of the seat. This will allow the base of the seat to fold onto the back of the seat and towards the back of the vehicle.

Rotate the entire seat towards you and stow it in the floor space.


  • If your Nissan Quest is an older model, the procedure for folding down the seats might be different. Consult your owner's manual or quick reference guide. You can find manuals for most models on the Nissan website, or request a copy directly from Nissan if a manual for your model is not available on the website.

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