How to Install an Infant Car Seat in a Rav 4

by Carl Pruit
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Toyota Rav 4s feature a built-in latch system for installing and securing an infant car seat. The latch system works by placing the car seat in either the rear passenger-side seat or the rear driver's-side seat. The system is designed for easy installation and removal.

Step 1

Locate the latch hooks in your Toyota Rav 4 on the bottom of the seat back, behind the rear seat.

Step 2

Place the infant car seat in the rear passenger seat. Position the back of the seat against the back of the passenger seat. Verify that the infant seat is flat and secure on the passenger seat.

Step 3

Attach the infant car seat tethers to the Rav 4 anchors on the back of the rear passenger seat. Tighten the tethers by pulling the slack out of the straps, through the buckle on the tether.

Step 4

Attach the upper tether of the infant car seat to the hook located behind the passenger seat on the Rav 4's interior door jamb. The upper tether hook is even with the passenger seat.

Step 5

Pull back on the infant car seat to verify that it is attached securely before placing your baby in the seat.

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