How to Install a Cargo Net in a Hyundai Sonata

by Andrew Todd

A cargo net can be easily installed in the trunk of a Hyundai Sonata to prevent items from falling out when the trunk is opened. The vehicle does not come standard with a cargo net, although one can be ordered from the parts department of your local Hyundai dealership or from third-party retailers. The trunks of most Hyundai Sonatas include four hooks for cargo nets, but the purchased nets come with four hooks, ensuring you have the items needed for installation.

Step 1

Open the trunk of your Sonata.

Step 2

Locate the two hooks on each side of the trunk near the opening. If no hooks are present, locate the two round plastic screw covers on each side.

Step 3

If hooks aren't present, remove the four plastic screw covers by prying them off with a flathead screwdriver, or unscrewing the screw securing them in place. There may be a screw located under the cover, which must be removed.

Step 4

Screw the hooks provided with the cargo net into the screw holes until they are tight.

Step 5

Attach the cargo net to the two hooks on one side of the trunk by sliding the loop on each corner around one hook. Stretch the net to connect the net to the two hooks on the other side of the trunk.

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