Where Is the PT Cruiser Trunk Latch?

by Johnathan Micah

The PT Cruiser's liftgate latch is at the bottom of the liftgate on the rear of the vehicle. You can unlock the latch using the keyless entry system or using the power door lock buttons inside the vehicle.


Unlock the liftgate by pressing the "Unlock" button twice on the remote keyless entry transmitter. You can also unlock the liftgate from inside the vehicle by pressing the upper half of one of the power door lock switches, found on the inside of the vehicle's front doors.

Opening the Trunk

Open the liftgate by squeezing on the release touchpad on the back of the liftgate handle. On some models, lift up on Chrysler emblem on the liftgate to release the latch. Then hold onto the handle and pull the liftgate open.

Emergency Release

Pull downward on the glow-in-the-dark release lever, on the back of the left rear seat latch. The seat can then be pushed down to allow access to the cargo area.

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