How to Remove the Lift Gate Latch on a Buick Rendezvous

by Krista Martin
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The Buick Rendezvous 2007 had a recall in their liftgate latches. The liftgate latch is the panel in the rear door or trunk that opens. The door raises when it is activated through a keychain fob or by pressing the button under the latch. You can remove the liftgate latch and replace it with an approved replacement supplied by your Buick dealer, or you may want to remove it entirely. Especially if you’re conducting repairs on the rear car door or removing rear car lights.

Step 1

Open the door to the full position. You can open the liftgate by pressing the button on your keychain fob or press the button under the latch to raise the liftgate.

Step 2

Lift the taps on the inside of the liftgate panel and pull off to remove the panel.

Step 3

Use your hand to unscrew the seven wing nuts. Unscrew the four outboard nuts, two at each end.

Step 4

Lower the liftgate. If you have to install or replace lamp lights, do so while the liftgate latch is removed.

Step 5

Raise the liftgate to reinstall the latch. Align the panel so that the screws line up with the slots in the door.

Step 6

Screw in the seven wing nuts and screw on the four outboard nuts.

Step 7

Insert the tabs on the inside of the liftgate panel.

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