How to Program a VW Key Fob

by Ashley Hay
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Volkswagen's key fobs are available in two different styles. The first style is a key and a key fob remote. The second is a key integrated key fob remote. Both remotes allow you to unlock, lock and open your Volkswagen's trunk by simply pressing a button on your key fob. Programming the key fob for both types of remotes is the same and should only take you a few minutes.

Step 1

Insert one key into your Volkswagen's ignition.

Step 2

Turn the key forward until it clicks one time, but do not start the engine.

Step 3

Stand outside of your Volkswagen and shut all of the doors.

Step 4

Lock the driver's side door using the second key. Insert the key into the key lock and manually lock the door. Do not use a key fob. Leave the key in the door lock.

Step 5

Press the "Open" or "Unlock" button on the key fob you are programming. You will hear the horn honk one time and the doors will unlock. Repeat this step to program an additional remote. If you are programming three remotes, the third remote will require you to press the "Unlock" button two times, and for a forth remote, press the "Unlock" button three times.

Step 6

Remove the key from the ignition and the door lock to end the programming mode.

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