How to Manually Open the Trunk in the X3 BMW

by RobMcClanahan

The BMW X3 is a luxury compact crossover SUV that features a sporty design and a spacious cargo area, with up to 30 cubic feet of rear storage space. In most circumstances, the trunk or liftgate can be opened by pressing the BMW emblem on the rear of the vehicle or a button on the remote control. However, if an electrical malfunction occurs or the battery is disconnected, you have to open the liftgate manually from inside the vehicle.

Step 1

Find the floor cover latch in the cargo area of the trunk. Lift the latch handle and raise the cargo floor panel.

Step 2

Release the jack in the center of the bracket.

Step 3

Find the liftgate release lever behind the cover to the left side. Press the lever to open the liftgate.

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