How to Wire a Jeep Liberty for a Trailer

by John Cagney Nash
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Although the Jeep Liberty's relatively short wheelbase does not make it a suitable for towing large or heavy trailers, it performs well with less demanding loads. Various models and trim levels are capable of different towing capacities, so check the owner's manual for your particular vehicle to determine the maximum tow capacity for your Jeep. Because the vehicle comes equipped with a factory tow hitch connector, wiring a Jeep Liberty for a trailer is a straightforward project.

Step 1

Remove the passenger-side panel in the cargo area; it clips into place and is not secured by any fasteners.

Step 2

Look behind the passenger-side rear light cluster and locate an empty, female, four-terminal multi-block wired into the circuits that operate the light cluster. Insert and press the matched male multi-block of the aftermarket hitch harness into the female multi-block connector.

Step 3

Route the hitch harness out of the cargo area through a rubber grommet in the floor pan of the cargo area, immediately below the light cluster.

Step 4

Route the hitch to the center rear of the Jeep Liberty and attach it adjacent to the tow package using plastic zip ties. Follow the run of wire back under the vehicle and attach a zip tie every 10 inches so the wiring will not be susceptible to accidental damage.

Step 5

Reinstall the cargo-area side panel.

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