How to Install a Trailer Hitch on a Dodge Caravan

by Nathaniel Miller

The Dodge Caravan is a dependable family vehicle that has room for all of your family plus their gear. If you enjoy trailer camping or need a bit of extra cargo room, you may be interested in mounting a trailer hitch on your Caravan. Mounting a trailer hitch designed for your Caravan is not difficult because the hitch manufacturer designs the hitch to bolt directly to your van's undercarriage. Follow these simple instructions to mount your hitch today.

Step 1

Park the van in a level area and put the parking brake on. Crawl under the rear of the vehicle and locate the main frame crossmembers (the metal bars located behind the rear bumper). This is where the hitch will mount.

Step 2

Unpack the hitch and, using the included instructions, assemble the two main pieces of the hitch to see how the parts fit together and to make sure you received all of the equipment. Slide the "T-shaped" portion into the "H-shaped" portion and tighten the bolts down to secure the two pieces together.

Step 3

Crawl under the van again and slide the hitch into place on the crossmembers.

Step 4

Line the bolt holes up with the pre-existing holes in frame and then attach the hitch to the crossmembers by tightening the bolts down with the socket wrench. Check to make sure that the receiver portion of the hitch (the hollow square tube) is sticking out away from your bumper by at least an inch or more to give clearance for the trailer hitches.

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