How to Remove GMC Seat Head Restraints

by Russell Wood
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In a GMC car or truck, the head restraint (also called a headrest) is designed to help protect the head from injury in a collision by catching it from going too far backward, potentially causing neck and spine damage. But if you want to install a set of seat covers on your truck or take the head restraints out to install a set of rear-seat monitors, you'll need to first take them out.

Step 1

Sit in the seat and grab the headrest with both hands, then lift it up with a little bit of pressure. Locate the two plastic caps on the top of the seat through which the headrest goes, and look for the two small holes at the base.

Step 2

Place a hex-head key into the hole at the base of the headrest and push it toward the rear seat with one hand while gently lifting up on the headrest with the other hand until the headrest pops out of the seat. Repeat this process on the other side of the headrest as well.

Step 3

Lift the headrest out of the back of the seat.

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