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How to Remove Equinox Headrests

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

At first glance, pre-2010 Chevrolet Equinox headrests do not appear to be removable, but they can be removed with ease. A small safety pin latches the headrests and holds them in place. To release the pin and remove the headrest, insert a small object against the pin and the headrest will slide off.


Push the button around the headrest base and raise the headrest. This should make visible a small hole around the plastic base.


Straighten a paper clip small enough to enter the hole. Insert the paper clip as far as it will go.


Pull up on the headrest to remove it from the seat. Repeat the procedure for each headrest.


Reinstall the headrests by lining up the posts with the mounts, then pushing straight down.


  • Chevrolet redesigned the Equinox for the 2010 model year. Its headrests are not removable.


  • Chevrolet does not recommend driving without headrests, which are designed to provide support when driving and in the event of an accident.

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