How to Put Seats Down in a Toyota Corolla

by James Clark
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The Toyota Corolla is manufactured in five grades, each with different features. Most Toyota Corollas, except the standard base model and the sporty S series, are equipped with folding rear seats, which allow long cargo items to be stored in the vehicle's trunk and extend into the rear passenger compartment with the seats down. A simple latch-release mechanism inside the trunk enables the owner to put down the seats in less than a minute.

Step 1

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Remove all items from the backseat of the Toyota Corolla, including child safety seats.

Step 2

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Open the trunk and locate a pull lever in the middle back of each backseat.

Step 3

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Pull each lever one at a time to disengage the locking mechanism for the back of the seat.

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Push each seat forward to fold it down. This creates the additional space for hauling long items in the trunk.

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