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How to Put Seats Down in a Toyota Corolla

by James Clark

The Toyota Corolla is manufactured in five grades, each with different features. Most Toyota Corollas, except the standard base model and the sporty S series, are equipped with folding rear seats, which allow long cargo items to be stored in the vehicle's trunk and extend into the rear passenger compartment with the seats down. A simple latch-release mechanism inside the trunk enables the owner to put down the seats in less than a minute.


Remove all items from the backseat of the Toyota Corolla, including child safety seats.


Open the trunk and locate a pull lever in the middle back of each backseat.


Pull each lever one at a time to disengage the locking mechanism for the back of the seat.


Push each seat forward to fold it down. This creates the additional space for hauling long items in the trunk.


  • Store a folded tarp in the trunk to protect the back seats and car interior when hauling long items.
  • The 2009 Toyota Corolla series features a single lever for disengaging and lowering both rear seats at the same time. This lever is located in the right rear side of the hatchback. A video demonstration is linked in the reference section.


  • The rear seats on a Corolla do not fold completely flat, which may make it awkward to load larger items.

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