How to Remove a Rugged Bedliner

by Cricket Webber
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Bedliners, molded plastic or rubber inserts designed to fit into the bed of pickup trucks, protect truck bed surfaces from scratches and dents. Each model of truck is slightly different, and Rugged makes liners that fit them all. Rugged makes two varieties of bedliner for each truck style: one designed to fit over the rails of the pickup truck's bed; the other designed to fit under the rails. At some point you may need to remove the bedliner to clean it, or you may decide to remove the bedliner altogether.

Step 1

Locate the clips on the sides of the bedliner.

Step 2

Slide a flat-head screwdriver between the bottom of each clip and the bedliner.

Step 3

Lift the screwdriver toward you to coax a clip from its clip slot. You will feel it release from the slot and you will hear a click. Remove the remaining clips the same way.

Step 4

Grasp the bedliner firmly and pull it out of the truck bed.

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