How to Fix a Stuck Trunk Lock on a Car

by Aryeh Raphael
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The trunk of your car has a separate locking system and mechanism than the rest of the locks and therefore must be dealt with differently. The lock itself, should it become stuck and refuse to unlatch when you pull the handle or turn the key, is not accessible from the outside, but must be reached through the interior of the car for safety purposes. You can fix a stuck trunk lock yourself, but you should do so with caution to avoid damaging your car any further.

Step 1

Lower the back seats that are blocking the opening of the truck. There is usually a small latch behind one of the headrests or along side of the seats that will allow you to fold down the seats.

Step 2

Crawl into the trunk and locate the locking mechanism holding the trunk closed. Wearing a flashlight headband will help illuminate a dark trunk so you can see what you are doing.

Step 3

Open the trunk latch by inserting the tip of a screwdriver into the opening nearest the lower edge of the mechanism. Move the screwdriver around until it catches on something that can be moved to open the trunk.

Step 4

Remove the locking mechanism from the inside of the trunk door by taking out the screws holding it in place. The mechanism will remain connected via the wiring of the car so pull the wire plugs apart to remove it totally from the car.

Step 5

Find the corner of the locking mechanism that sticks out and is not attached properly. It will be a small piece of plastic that hooks onto the cord to push and pull it when engaging the lock.

Step 6

Connect the plastic piece securely to the frame of the locking mechanism using permanent bonding adhesive. Let the piece dry until the connection is secure and solid.

Step 7

Reconnect the wires and cord to the locking mechanism in the same way they were attached before you took them out. Use the screws to secure the mechanism on the trunk door.

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