How to Fold an Auto Sun Shade

by Jourdan Townsend
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Part of maintaining your vehicle correctly is protecting the interior from extreme temperatures and the damage that UV rays can cause. An auto sun shade, which fits into the inside of the windshield and blocks the sun's rays, is a perfect solution. Unfortunately, the common pop-up and foldaway style can be confusing and many people grow frustrated, throwing the shades into their backseat floorboard and refusing to use them as they become warped from this improper care.

Step 1

Hold the shade lengthwise in both hands, near the rounded bottom corners.

Step 2

Gently fold the two short sides of the shade together.

Step 3

Hold the folded shade at the top and bottom. Carefully twist the bottom half away from you as you fold the top half toward you. The shade will pop into place due to the shape of the frame.

Step 4

Use a rubber band or elastic band to keep your shade completely closed, if the shade does not come with attached elastic bands. Store the shade between uses in a safe place where it will not be warped or torn.

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