How to Remove the Seats in a V-Star 1100

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

You may need to remove the seat on your Yamaha 1100 to access the engine components or perform modifications or maintenance. Although the Yamaha 1100 has a front and rear seating area, the seat unit is actually one large assembly. There are only two bolts that secure the seat to the motorcycle. You can remove the seat in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1

Engage the kickstand and ensure the Yamaha is securely standing. Examine the front part of the seat, closest to the speedometer. You'll find a bolt.

Step 2

Remove the front bolt with a 10-mm socket wrench. This unhooks the front part of the seat assembly. Move to the rear part of the seat.

Step 3

Examine the rear part of the seat to find the 5-mm Allen bolt. Remove it with the Allen wrench.

Step 4

Grasp each side of the seat and simultaneously lift it upward and backward to remove it from the Yamaha 1100.

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