Buick Seat Removal

by Gregory Crews
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Removing the seats out of your Buick should only take a matter of minutes. The most complicated part is the lifting. The front seats are designed for comfort, and the attached motors for power seats, lumbar support and the optional seat heater will make the seat much heavier when trying to lift. The back seat is held in by a bolt and retainer clips.

Front Seat Removal

Open the door to the seat you wish to access. Locate the bolts holding the seat assembly in place. They will be positioned on all four corners of the seat assembly. Adjust the seat all the way to the back to access the bolts in the front. Loosen the bolts with a socket wrench and pull the bolts from the floorboard. Repeat this for the other front bolt. Slide the seat as far forward as possible to gain access to the rear seat bolts. Remove these bolts with the socket wrench. The seat will be loose from the floorboard. Tilt the whole seat to the dash to gain access to the wiring assembly underneath. Disconnect the wiring by separating it from the connectors. Use some help to lift the seat from the car. The seat may be bulky or heavy to lift. The driver and passenger seat are installed the same way.

Back Seat Removal

Grasp the bottom portion of the seat for maximum grip. Pull the seat up and out to slide out the entire bottom. Slide out sideways to remove the seat from the vehicle. The top portion has a bolt on the bottom holding it in. Unscrew the bolt with the socket wrench to loosen the seat. Lift the seat up and pull out to remove it from the vehicle. Slide it out sideways to fit out the doors. Ensure the seat belts are pushed behind the seat to prevent it from interfering in the removal.

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