How to Remove the Factory Cloth on a Dodge Ram

by Leonardo R. GrabkowskiUpdated July 26, 2023
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Locate and remove the four bolts mounting each seat to the floorboard. The seats are mounted by bolts and can be removed with a household socket wrench. On older vehicles, the bolts may be difficult to remove. Use a solvent, such as Liquid Wrench, around the edges of the bolts to make removal easier. Concentrate on one seat at a time to make it easier.

Disconnect the electrical connection underneath the seat (some models). Remove the seat and its hardware from the Ram. Turn the seat upside down and remove the seat rails connected to the seat bottom.

Lift the plastic tabs holding the seat fabric to the seat cushion. The fabric is held on tight, so you may need to use the pliers to help remove the tabs from the seat mount. Once the tabs are removed, the fabric will slip away from the bottom seat cushion. Use the socket wrench to remove the bolts connecting the seatback to the seat cushion. The seatback must be disconnected from the cushion to take the fabric off.

Pull the tabs from the lower portion of the seatback to begin slipping the fabric off. Once the tabs are removed, the fabric can be removed, but will require more effort than the seat cushion. Keep pulling until the fabric completely slips off the seatback. You may have to roll it up while pulling to keep your grip. You are now able to install new seat fabric. Seat installation is the reverse of removal.

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