How to Remove the Back Seat in a 1990 Honda Accord

by Christian Killian

You can remove the rear seat in the 1990 Honda Accord by taking out a few bolts and releasing a few clips. Once the seat is out of the car, access to the seat belts and some wiring that runs under the seats becomes much easier. Removing the rear seats also allows you to change the seat if yours is worn or damaged. It can also make room for more cargo, or for large stereo speakers.

Step 1

Locate the retaining bolt for the seat bottom in the center of the seat where the cushion and the seat back come together. Push the cushion down and insert a socket on an extension into the gap and on the head of the bolt. Remove the bolt.

Step 2

Unlatch the steel hooks at the front of the seat cushion from the body of the car and pull the seat cushion forward. Remove the seat cushion from the car through the rear door opening.

Step 3

Locate the three bolts at the base of the seat back. They are in the area where you just removed the seat cushion. Remove the three bolts with a socket and ratchet, set them aside and pull out on the base of the seat back.

Step 4

Pull the seat back down and off the retaining hooks on the top of the seat back. Remove the seat from the passenger’s compartment, carefully working it out through the door opening.

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