How to Take the Seats Out of Your Cadillac

by Ryan Bauer
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You may need to remove the seats in your Cadillac for a number of tasks, such as thoroughly detailing the interior, removing the carpet or replacing the seats with new ones. Cadillac has produced many vehicles over the years, but regardless of the model, the instructions remain the same for removing the seats. Although not necessary, you may find it helpful to have the assistance of another person when lifting the seats in and out of the vehicle.

Step 1

Slide the seat you would like to remove all the way to the back. Look at the front of the seat rails for one bolt on each side. Some Cadillac models have a plastic cover over these bolts you must pull off to expose the bolt head. Remove these bolts using a socket wrench.

Step 2

Move the seat in the opposite direction, uncovering the two bolts at the back of the seat rail. Remove them as well.

Step 3

Look underneath the seat for any wires, such as those used for power seat functions or seat heaters, and unplug any you find. If your seat has integrated side-impact air bags, locate the fuse box and remove the air bag fuse before disconnecting anything. Consult your owner's manual to locate the fuse box for your particular model.

Step 4

Take the seat out of the vehicle. To reinstall, simply reverse this procedure. If applicable, don't reinstall the air bag fuse until all you have plugged all wires back in.

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