Mercedes Seat Removal

by Gregory Crews
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The seats in a Mercedes are bolted to the floorboard, and with a socket wrench it will only take a very short amount of time to remove them. The back seat is simpler to remove as it just sits in place. The back portion is held on by clips and this makes the seat removal a quick and simple process. Bucket seats in certain Mercedes models are removed the same way. The back seat in the crossover and sport utility vehicles will have detailed instructions in the owners manual for removing the back seat for extra room.

The Front Seat

Slide the seat all the way forward to access the bolts to the back of the seat. The seat has four bolts that brace it to the floorboard. The bolts are located at each corner of the seat. Unscrew the back two bolts with a socket wrench. The seat will now need to be slid all the way back to access the front bolts. Undo the front bolts and place them out of the way. The seat is now loose and now you are ready to access the wiring harness that controls the power seat functions.

Tilt the whole seat forward and locate the wiring harness underneath the seat. The wiring harness can be disconnected by separating the tabs at the connector and pulling away from the wiring on the seat. Once the wiring is disconnected the seat can be lifted out of the car. The other seat can be removed the same way.

The Back Seat

The back seat in coupe and sedan models can be removed by lifting the bottom portion of the seat. Lift it up and out to pull away. Tilt the seat to the side and slide it out the door. The top portion will require a socket wrench to loosen the bolt holding it down. The bolt will be located at the bottom center of the seat, and once it is loosened the seat will be ready to lift out. Lift the top portion of the seat up and toward you to free it from the clips. The seat can be slid out the door.

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