Grand Am Back Seat Removal

by Gregory Crews

Renovating your Pontiac Grand Am will involve several skills you may have never thought of. Determining an interior color to match the exterior requires interior design skills, and removing and installing new parts requirees mechanical and electrical aptitude. The back seats are perhaps the easiest part of tearing down the interior.

The Bottom Portion

The back seat is removed in two steps. Position yourself in the middle of the car where you can grasp the back seat. Hold the back seat in the middle and pull up. This will loosen the seat. Pull away and bring the bottom portion out of the car. Turn it to the side and slide it out of the back door if equipped. If the Grand Am is a two-door, slide the passenger seat all the way to the front and recline the seat forward. There will be enough room to slide the seat out of the car.

The Top Portion

The top portion is held on by a bolt on the bottom and two clips at the top. Loosen the bottom bolt with a socket wrench. The seat will slide up and off the clips at the top holding it in place. Pull the seat away from where it is mounted and slide out through the side door. If the vehicle is a two-door, slide the seat out of the front passenger side door.

Seat Belts

The seat belts may be blocking the back seats' removal. Seat belts are equipped with shoulder harnesses and are installed along the side of the back seat. These can be pushed aside and worked around. When you pull the seat out, you can actually pull one side away from the seat belt and then work the other side out of the way. The receiving end is bolted to the same bolt that holds the seat in. When you remove the bolt, take the belts out and place them to the side until you are ready to install the back seats.

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