How Do You Remove the Back Seat in a Dodge Neon?

by Gregory Crews
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Removing the back seat from a Dodge Neon will give you more room for storage or for something such as speaker boxes or to change the color of the car's interior. The seats are mainly fastened with clips and should only take a few minutes to remove.

Removing the Bottom Cushion

If the Neon has four doors, open the back door and begin pulling out the seats. You will want to slide the passenger seat all the way forward and tilt the seat up if you are working on a two-door Dodge Neon. The bottom portion of the seat, held with clips, can be simply lifted out. Tilt the seat sideways to get it out of the car.

Removing the Backrest

The backrest portion of the back seat is held on by two bolts at the bottom of the seat. You will need a torque wrench to loosen these two bolts. Slide the receiving ends of the seat belts out of the way, as the bolts also hold the seat belts in place. Once the bolts are removed, you will be able to lift the seat up and pull it away from the back dash. The seat has clips on the top that allow it to rest in place in the back dash. Once you push up on the back seat this will free it. Slide the seat out of the car through the passenger side.

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