Jetta Rear Seat Removal

by Chris Moore
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The Volkswagen Jetta's rear seats can be simple to remove even if you have not removed the front seats. The Jetta's rear seats are comprised of two separate parts--the lower seat cushion or bench and the seat back rests. Most Jetta models have split rear seats, meaning each part has two halves for you to remove. You should still completely remove the bottom cushions before working on the seat back.

Lower Seat Cushions

To disengage the lower seat cushion , push in on the cushion's front edge in the areas where the clips are. You will find a clip close to each end of the cushion. Doing this will partially disengage the seat's wire frame from the clips. Reach for the tab that's at the front center of the cushion and pull the tab up to disengage completely the cushion from the clips. Lift the bottom cushion up and remove it from the car. Given the size of this cushion, you will likely need a second person to help you guide the cushion out of the car and carry it away. If the seat has problems coming out, striking it from behind with a rubber mallet can help. Make sure the front seats are folded forward as much as possible to give you as much clearance room as you can get.

Seat Back

If the rear seats have head rests, remove them before working on the seat backs. Fold down the seat back and look for the zipper in the seat back's upholstery. You should find it close to the middle of the seat. Unzip the zipper to locate the two center bolts for the seat. These bolts usually require an 8mm Allen or hex wrench to to remove. Push back the spring-loaded hook to release the seat pivot that's on each side of the seat. Pull the seat back out of the car; this will likely require a second person's help--even more than removing the bottom cushion--unless the Jetta has split rear seats.

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