How to Remove a Backseat Out of a Camry

by Richard Ristow
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Removing a Toyota Camry's rear seat is fairly easy, though it's a good idea to have help. The seat parts are long and bulky, and you may need an extra set of hands. You will need to remove the seats to replace them with an aftermarket option, or simply to gain access to the area behind them.

Step 1

Slide the two front seats forward. This may not be necessary, but it will give you more room to work.

Step 2

Pull the seatbelts out of the slits at the back of the cushion. You are not removing the seat belts, just moving them out of the way.

Step 3

Remove the mounting bolt from the rear seat cushion with a socket wrench. You will have to lift up the front edge of the cushion to get at this bolt. Then, pull the cushion up and out of the Camry.

Step 4

Locate the seat back locks and undo them by pulling them up.

Step 5

Move the seat backs down and remove the mounting bolts with a socket wrench. These bolts will be located at the center hinges.

Step 6

Pull the seat back up and out of the Camry.

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