How to Remove the 3rd Row Seat in a Ford Explorer

by Justin Mark

The Ford Explorer is a truck-based, mid-sized SUV. Although some models have a seven-seat capacity with a third row of seats, the third row can be removed to use the truck for hauling and towing. Late models of the Explorer have third row seats that fold directly to the floor, providing a more spacious cargo area.

Step 1

Open the rear hatch of the vehicle.

Step 2

Fold the head restraint of the third row seat by pulling the strap located under it and pushing the head restraint down.

Step 3

Fold the third row seat by pulling the handle at the back of the seat while pushing it forward up to its seat cushion.

Step 4

Remove all the bolts that hold the third row seat to the floor of the vehicle using the socket wrench.

Step 5

Lift the rear of the seat with the help of an assistant, then push it forward to unlock the seat from the two hooks in front that keep it in place.

Step 6

Remove the third row seat from the vehicle with the help of your assistant.

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